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HSBC Bank was founded in 1865 by a Scotsman Thomas Sutherland in Hongkong (the then-British colony). HSBC Bank originally served as a local bank helping customers in Europe and Asia to make finance trade. Over 150 years of operation, HSBC Bank has become one of the world’s largest international banks with 197.000 shareholders in 130 countries all over the world. It has around 3.900 offices and nearly 40 million customers over 64 countries. HSBC Bank provides different businesses including wealth and personal banking, commercial banking, and global banking & markets.

Frequently asked questions, answered

What is HSBC Bank’s swift code?

The HSBC Bank PLC’s swift code is MIDLGB22XXX. The bank also uses different swift codes for different branches and types of bank services. For example, HSBC UK Bank’s swift code is HBUKGB4BXXX.

Can I use HSBC debit and credit cards outside the UK?

Yes. You can use HSBC cards outside the UK as easily as you are home.

How can I change my online banking details?

To update new personal information on online banking, you need to log in to the online banking site using Secure Key. Click on your name and select “personal and address details” then edit the section you want.

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